yatah GmbH

Schweighofstrasse 409
CH-8055 Zürich

Phone: +41 78 772 8536


Intuition is the supra-logic

that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem
to the answer. - Robert Graves


Inspired by innovative ideas, modern technologies and the endless possibilities of the digital age, we strive to defeat today's complexity by designing the intuitive solutions of tomorrow.

Interaction Design is our tool to create solutions perfectly tailored to your audience. We define, design, make and measure your product together with you and your audience and create marketable products with real business value.

We are architects, engineers, designers, progressive thinkers, enthusiasts. Our solutions facilitate communication, change, efficiency and operations. We believe your product needs to be fun, intuitive, honest, significant and first and foremost successful.

yatah process diagram

What We Can Do for You

We make high quality software solutions. Using our flexible but well defined processes we translate complex and demanding requirements into intuitive products.


Designing with and for your target audience keeps your project on target and ensures a satisfying outcome.